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Tue Feb 09 2021

2020 in Review and Looking Ahead

Well, better late than never I suppose. What a year 2020 was. Terrible for most, good for some. I sit right in the middle somewhere.

Fri Nov 27 2020

The "King" of Code Review

This week I met up (virtually, of course) with Frontend Engineer, Chris Bot. Chris works with me at Hopin, and has been called many times: “The King of Code Review”

Fri Nov 13 2020

Build a Slack Bot!

Bots are taking over the world, and you can too! (on Slack of course)

Fri Oct 16 2020

Ace the Interview

Regardless of why you are needing to interview, you want to do your best. You are competing against of pool of other candidates that all want what you want. An offer letter.

Fri Oct 09 2020

Dan Mall on Collaboration

Last week, I caught up with SuperFriendly founder, Dan Mall to discuss collaboration with design and development teams.

Thu Oct 01 2020

Time Tactics

Last week I spoke at HDC conference about levelling up your time management skills using bucketing tactics.

Fri Sep 18 2020

Talking Shop with Kent Kawahara

This week (or last week rather), I caught up with Kent K - Senior SWE and former colleague of mine at Weedmaps, in Irvine, CA. We dive into what it's like to work at Weedmaps, how it's changed since COVID, pair programming, learning to code, how he almost died twice and his insanely useful app to help prevent that, staying healthy, and much much more.

Thu Sep 10 2020

Automate your workflow with PlopJS

This week my focus was on discovering ways I could automate routine tasks and workflows I go through when coding. In my research I came across a JS library called PLOP. Plop is used by countless of companies like PayPal, Microsoft, Mozilla, Vimeo and more - so I figured I'd give it a quick spin.

Fri Sep 04 2020

Doubling Down

As a person that hates letting any time go to waste, I spent those hours glued to my seat in competition with myself to see how many sunflower seeds I could crack in a mouthful, catching up on my favourite podcasts, as well as reflecting on my personal goals I set for myself in January.

Thu Aug 27 2020

Lazering in on Developer Career Paths

From agencies to startups, large corporations to the government. I’ve jumped around and worked as a software engineer for a handful of sectors. This week I discuss my learnings to help you better understand your options and to better navigate your career path. 

Thu Aug 20 2020

Zach and Wilkes on Bootcamp vs Self Taught

This past week I caught up with Zach and Wilkes, two friends of mine and both freshly minted developers! 👶✨

Fri Aug 14 2020

Wes Bos on Being Your Own Boss

Wes talks on his favourite things about being his own boss, how he spends his work days, staying focused, managing a work life balance and more.

Fri Aug 07 2020

Trailer into the Vlog

Introducing the Stack Yack Vlog!

Fri Jul 24 2020

"To TDD? Or not to TDD?" – That is the question I ask Jan Hesters

For the last 2-ish weeks I’ve been forcing myself to TDD which is what spawned the idea for this week’s topic.

Fri Jul 17 2020

Freelancing Part 2

This week I dive into part 2 of the Freelance series, where we talk all about money and how much you should be charging for your work.

Fri Jul 10 2020

Standing out in the job application process w/ Bárbara Iranzo

This week I talk with Barbara Iranzo from the Talent Acquisition team at Hopin about resumes, interviewing, and how you can stand out (good and bad) from the heaps of applications that recruitment teams receive.

Fri Jul 03 2020

Freelancing Part 1

The first of a 4 part series on everything freelance – how to start, getting clients, how how much to charge, and more.

Fri Jun 26 2020

Level-up your time management skills

This week I discuss time management as a software developer, it’s (obvious) importance, and ways you can start improving your time management skills today.

Fri Jun 19 2020

The value of side projects

This week I want to talk about side projects and the importance they play in your growth as a developer.

Fri Jun 12 2020

Asking better questions

Asking better questions, conferences, optional chaining, keeping your eyes healthy, and the fastest growing startup in Europe